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 by Pamela Moore


Review by Lynn A. Davidson  Polilla Writes 


~~~~~~~   Reader Comments   ~~~~~~~

Shellye  I started reading it on the plane back to Oakland and found it so riveting and inspiring. You are someone with amazing strength and it takes a special kind of courage and generosity to reveal your life story so that others affected by sickle cell disease feel they are not alone and can receive inspiration and support. Those of us who have not experienced this disease personally can begin to have a deeper understanding by walking with you as your vivid story unfolds in your book

Megan  "After reading this book, I look at my life and it helps me deal with my issues."

Christina  "5.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars great readI highly recommend this book. Great exploration of the life of someone battling so much. This is truly a success story. I absolutely loved it."  

Grace Pages - Amazon Reviewer "5.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars Powerful....... This is an insightful look into the painful world of those who take on the challenge of sickle cell daily.  A Powerful and uplifting read.......This is an insightful journey into the painful world of a woman and of those who take on the challenge of sickle cell disease daily and keep it moving toward progress, success and, victory! This book encouraged and inspired me that, I can overcome any challenge that comes my way. Many thanks to the author P Allen Jones that sickle cell does not have to cripple your life."

Durrell   "Chapter 15. It should be read by every living soul. It's the key to freedom." 

 Tam   "I really enjoyed this book."   

Kristina  "This book is a great read! It takes you on a journey through the life of a strong willed, ambitious, and humble woman who fought many battles in life ON TOP of dealing with Sickle Cell disease. Throughout this heartfelt story, Jones draws you in with her humanistic writing style, giving readers an opportunity to step inside the shoes of a sickle cell patient and see what life is like while living with this rare disease. This book is an inspiring read and will motivate anyone who has ever had to overcome a struggle of any kind, and felt alone while doing so. It's also very informative for anyone who has sickle cell disease or knows someone who does. I highly recommend it."

Kenneth "Inspiring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

LaTonya "Just read this informative inspiring book about living the life we are dealt with courage, love, forgiveness, faith, and constant prayer!"







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